New Start.

Hello from London.

The original mgpixlab blog was hacked about a year and a half ago.
After that happened, there was little I could do to recover it.

There was not too much help from the Blogger team at the time to be honest, even though I followed all their instructions to report, and try to fix the problem.

I still appreciate the fact that they do have a platform like this, so I simply decided to stop complaining and open a new account.

It has been a long time before deciding to return to blogging.

My last post on my original blog was dated June 4, 2007. I was in Bogotá, Colombia back then. Now I have been in London for almost a full year, working hard on my Photography, as usual.

Today I'm re-starting because I did manage to recover most of the bits that were posted there, thanks to some weird stroke of luck.

This is the new Official mgpixlab Blog. One day hopefully, I will recover the original name of the blog (official still sounds a bit too much for me, but I guess there was no other good option).

It makes sense in the end anyway, because I will be the officer, or at least, the one in charge of it again.

Welcome, once more

Some of those original lost posts will be re-posted (and updated/translated) here, very soon.