Selection of Images.

I've been quite busy these days trying to organise the photographs in my archive.

It is not an easy task at all. I've discarded many images which I feel don't stand the test of time or were simple light tests but did not succeeded as proper photographs. I have sent them directly to the bin and they have been deleted forever.

I've found some hidden treasures as well: Images that were either scanned from film and left for further post-processing and cleaning, and others from digital folders which were downloaded into my hard drives and I had never even seen (in detail) before.

I miss the dark room and manual printing, but it is an unaffordable process to do at the moment in London. I would need more space and my flat does not have enough for this purpose. The digital days are fully settled now everywhere and I am living this process myself too. It is not bad at all.

I'm sure a day will come soon in which I'll be able to do some manual work again. For now, back to Adobe Bridge.

The motto of the day is: Select, choose, print/publish soon or discard.