The Timeless Photographic Past. Part I.

It has been a while since I published my last post. 2011 has been such a busy and wild ride in one too many ways. As a consequence, only the holidays seem to allow enough time to reflect on the days that have passed.

In photographic terms, I have put together the following compilation of historical images that have moved me. I like to call it "The Timeless Photographic Past". A reflection on how these images are always present, and yet always far. The gap that separates these works from the production of images that we see today is significant in the sense that they remind us of a commitment towards our own photographic work. These photographs provide much of the inspiration and impulse for the impending arrival of 2012, which I feel will be a year of challenges, hard work and accomplishment.

Part I of this post is a brief selection of some images from the first 20 years of the XXth Century.
More will be posted very soon.

Very happy holidays to all, and hope we can all get inspired from these beautiful masterpieces.

The Sea of Steps / Wells Cathedral - 1903 © Frederick H. Evans

Portrait of Evelyn Nesbit - 1903 © Gertrude Käserbier

The Steerage - 1907 © Alfred Steiglitz

Veiled Woman - 1910 © Imogen Cunningham

Im Winde (La Brise) - 1915 © Heinrich Kühn

Blind - 1916 © Paul Strand

Portrait of Judith - 1920 © Margrethe Mather