The Timeless Photographic Past. Part V.

It's been a while since I posted in the "timeless past" series. This post covers 1970 to 1980.

My generation was born in this decade. Events in the field were unfolding so rapidly. Photography was everywhere by now, and almost everyone had an Instamatic camera to shoot or spare. Paralelly, professional photographers were charging enormous amounts of money for their commercial work. It was the strongest era of the printed magazine, and this lasted for another decade.

"Digital" was a word rarely heard of, and it meant computerized technology mainly, or something expensive and sophisticated, -related to science, and probably unreachable as the future, yet it felt as something relatively near and approaching.

The fine art world was also starting to recognize photography as an art form, and photography galleries were now opening in the major capitals of the world.

As an early son of 1974, I must confess that I cried as a child whenever a picture was being taken, especially if a flash was used and pointed at me (haha). It scared me to see so much light in front of my eyes. Very paradoxical, as I never knew I would become a photographer, and I always dreamed of being an architect.

My father inherited his duly Instamatic to me and I played with it, sparely. I remeber being interested in photo albums more than in the actual camera then. But all of that changed when I got my first Canon AE1-P, years later. I fell in love with it, and never let it go -until it was stolen inside of a good friend's car.

So speaking of photo albums, here's the historical compilation of some of my favorites from this decade.

Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg - 1971 © Benjamin Auger

 Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards and Friends - 1971 © Dominique Tarlé 

Martinique - 1972 © André Kertész

Plank Piece -1973 © Charles Ray

Still from World on a Wire - 1973 © Rainer Werner Fassbinder 

Untitled (Red Veil) - © 1973 Shomei Tomatsu

The Red Ceiling, Greenwood Mississippi - 1973 © William Eggleston

Photo Transformation - 1974 © Lucas Samaras

Jack Nicholson and cast on the set of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" - 1974 © Mary Ellen Mark

2nd Street East and South Main Street - 1974 © Stephen Shore

Michelangelo Antonioni on the set of "The Passenger" - 1975 © Floriano Steiner

Red Coat / Fifth Avenue NYC - 1975 © Joel Meyerowitz

Beverly Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles CA June 21, - 1975 © Stephen Shore

California - 1976 © Ernst Haas

Jodie Foster -1976 © Terry O'Neill

Frozen Foods - 1977 © Irving Penn

Mario Alberto Kempes after scoring with Argentina (vs. Holland) - 1978 © Unknown Photographer / Getty

Accelerator Bullet Hits Apple - 1978 © Harold E. Edgerton.

Sick of Goodbys (Sic) - 1978 © Robert Frank

World Trade Center Twin Towers, Lower Manhattan - 1978 © Thomas Struth

French Chris on the Convertible, NYC -1979 © Nan Goldin

Pedestrians Crossing a NewYork Street inWinter Time Cast Long Shadows -1980 © Ernst Haas

Untitled (Green Car) - 1980 © Helen Levitt

Blind Twins, Saint Mandé, France - 1980 © Jane Evelyn Atwood