The (Nothing) Special Manifest.

I am decidedly fighting any kind of especialization in my work.
It has always been that way, but now I feel stronger than ever about it .

I want to see the world and all it has to offer.

When you're a photographer and you only shoot one kind of thing, you are missing out on everything else. It is as wrong as choosing to use your eyes only to see spiders, or just to glimpse at the sea and skip all the rest.

You'll miss out on the people. You'll miss out on the trees, the glorious and even the dirt.
Specialization is inhumane. Fight it. Be universal. A photographer has one thing to specialize on regardless of anything, and that one thing is light.

Start mastering the capture of light. The rest will unfold.

Be a human: See, touch and feel everything that catches your eye.
Photograph it.

Shoot everything and shoot it every time you can.
Duty calling.